Zenith Security Services Company Ltd was founded on 20th August 2010 by the visionary company Directors namely Mr.Hilal Soud, Mr.Tungu Mathias and Mr.Elisha Ndulu. In August 2011 the company came into operation at MMP Mwadui with 28 guards. Zenith Security Company currently has employed more than 500 guards and other operational staffs.

Mr.Elisha Ndulu brings more than 15 years of experience in security management and leadership, whereby he worked with G4S for several years in which his career growing from Patrolman to Regional Manager. He has undergone various security related courses and training in South Africa and Tanzania and Mr. Hilal Soud brings more than 30 years’ experience in business leadership and management.

The founders whom are the Directors of the company believe that the success of any business company or institution is depending on well secured and safe environment and it is their wish to find local and international business institutions succeed through Zenith security services.